Thursday, September 30, 2004

South Interlake Golf Course

Yesterday was my second outing to the South Interlake Golf Course, located in Warren, Manitoba, which is less than 30 minutes from work. We teed off at 3:15 pm, the latest time I began a round this year. Twilight hours begin at 3 pm. We finished after 6 pm, with lots of daylight left.

In the past few weeks, we played on wet courses, and my scores suffered. Today, the course was dry. I drove the ball long and straight on several holes. My approach shots were mostly excellent, resulting in more pars than normal. As the day dragged on, the bugs came out. After applying some bug spray, they truly and almost magically, disappeared. The greens were the only disappointment with this golf course. They didn't bite well. In fact, we saw very few ball marks. I actually had some good luck with landing the ball short of the green and watching it roll on. My score on the back nine improved by 6 shots. By and large, this course is wide open and friendly to errant shots that hook or slice. You usually end up in an ajacement fairway.

Two of my playing partners had really large metal drivers. One of them had the $600 Taylor Made r7, which is possibly the largest driver that I've ever seen. He swung hard and usually connected well. Most of his drives were very enviable - really long and straight. The other partner drove a King Kobra. He received lessons from a relative on how to hit an oversized club, and often referred to what great fortune it was to have the lessons. He had a slower swing, but simply nailed the ball a long ways.

I'm very tempted to buy an oversized driver now, but $600 is about three times what I would like to spend.

I was very pleased with my round and can't wait to play again.

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