Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Fascinating CBC Ideas interview: Tariq Ali

I'm really happy that this interview is available in Real Audio format. I had no idea who Tariq Ali was, but I began to listen to the interview by host Paul Kennedy was quite fascinated. He's a superb speaker and thinker. Here's a blurb on him from the CBC Ideas website. To listen to the show, you have to have Real Player installed. It's free. Ideas is one of the best radio shows that I've ever heard.

"Tariq Ali is a pre-eminent example of a ‘public intellectual’. Ever since he burst onto the scene in Britain, in the mid-1960s, his ideas and his arguments have animated political discussion, particularly on the left. He’s written authoritative volumes on world politics and history, as well as novels, and scripts for both stage and screen. He was president of the Oxford Union when that venerable debating club engaged in a live trans-Atlantic television argument about the war in Vietnam with Henry Kissinger; and he was a founding editor of The New Left Review. Although born in Pakistan, Tariq Ali now lives and works in London, England, where he spoke with IDEAS host Paul Kennedy."

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