Sunday, April 03, 2005

Using Eagle One's Nanowax

Yesterday, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather to wax the car. A few days ago, I stripped off all the old wax with Dawn. This preps the car for claying. Using a clay bar and car wash with water as a lubricant, you run a clay bar over the surface to pick up contaminants like tar, pollution and other particles that stick to the surface. This leaves the surface smooth as glass, or, at least as smooth as possible.

These aren't pictures of my car, but they look similar.

I applied a new wax, Nanowax, by Eagle One. It came with a micro fiber cloth that was very useful for polishing. It began to lose its ability to pick up the wax so I threw it into the wash and will finish up later today.

So, why am I trying "Nanowax"? It's supposed to be able to fill in swirl marks.

"The first polish and wax utilizing advanced Nano technology to fill fine scratches and conceal swirl marks.

NanoWax is our most technologically advanced wax created using Nano technology. This formula is better at filling fine scratches and concealing swirl marks than traditional waxes. It also provides an amazing shine and leaves no wax residue behind. We believe NanoWax is the best performing high gloss wax formula on the market today. It's an easier way to protect your car with a long lasting wax and high gloss shine."

What I most care about, though, is how long the wax will last. Last year, I tried Turtle Wax black wax in the fall. It came off after between three and four washes. Not good when I wash the car weekly. I usually use Zaino waxes, but I thought I would try something else for comparison. They are a mail order company in the US, so their products are not readily available here. After I Zaino the car, the wax seems to last about six weeks.

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