Saturday, August 27, 2005

3 rounds at La Verendrye Golf Course

Located about ten minutes away from Steinbach, La Verendrye Golf Course offers the best deal for Manitoba golfers, when you can golf all day long for $31, including a shared power cart. Yes, this is the home of the 751 yard-long par 6, the longest hole in Canada.

Yesterday, we ended up playing three rounds of 18 holes. This was my chance to try out my new driver on a course that has wide fairways. In my first game, I shot 100, then 103 then 90! In the final round, I actually had two birdies on the front nine. The driver works like it is supposed to. On one of the holes that was 278 yards, we had a group of six 20-something guys in front of us. They were raking the sand trap as I teed off. My ball rolled into the trap. I actually had lots of problems with the driver until I figured out the problem was ball placement. That fixed my slices. I also managed to get some help with my wedge problems. I realized that I wasn't following through with the club. Once I began to do that, I began to hit them short and high. I sank several one putts and discovered that I really like the feel of my "new" used Ping demo 4 and 7 irons. They are so easy to hit. I also discovered that I really don't care for me "new" used demo Cobra 5 iron. It is so light that it doesn't inspire much confidence. I also didn't have any really good hits with it. Between the three of us, I had the best score over 54 holes. It was a memorable day with perfect weather - overcast and cool with a refreshing breeze.

This is the fourth hole, a par 4. If you hit a good tee shot, you would end up about 150 yards to the hole, which has water in front. You have to hit a high enough shot so that the ball will hit the green and not roll away. It's one of my favourite holes in all of Manitoba.

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