Saturday, August 20, 2005

Golfing the Steinbach Fly-In Club

Still on a high after shooting an 85, may best game ever, the day before, I had high expectation for my round at the Fly-In Club. Without a doubt, they have the nicest fairways that I have played on this year. You can take divots very easily and the grass feels very plush.

I hit some nice drives, but overall, I played poorly. My wedge shots were awful. I topped several shots from the fairway. I failed to have that one spectacular shot to keep me going, but I place all the blame on myself. You can either play this course the smart way or the risky way. With the risky way, you are hitting driver as often as you can, and you try to reach the par fives in two. The smart way is to think of where you want to play your second shot from and tee off accordingly. There's a lot of water in the form of creeks so you can easily lose balls if you hit or roll into them. The next time I play this course, I will try to play it smarter and shoot for lower than 106!! While not huge, the club house has a buffet for less than $9 that goes until 2 pm and is a good way to get a hot meal.

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