Monday, September 03, 2007

film - Fritz Lang's M

Filmed in 1930, this classic film is still relevant today. In fact, the story seems ripped from today's headlines. Can you imagine the waves this film caused with its story about a child murderer?

At first, the film started off a little slow. It grew in intensity when the police search was elevated. Soon, the local organized crime groups became fed up with the police searches and decided to quietly find the murderer on their own.

There is an impromptu courtroom trial with the organized crime members in an abandoned building with aruguments in favour of both killing the man a nd sending him to the police for the protection of the state. Your hear this sort of thing all the time. Who knew they had the same arguments way back then? There are also at least three scenes of disturbing symbolism.

Well worth watching. German with English subtitles.

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